The Psychology of Self-Injury: Exploring Self-Harm & Mental Health

Navigating Self-Injury During Routine Doctor Visits, with Brittany Tinsley

Episode Summary

Brittany Tinsley of @brittanytinsleywrites Instagram explains how she navigates talking about her wounds and scars of self-injury and self-harm with her medical providers during routine doctor visits.

Episode Notes

If you’ve never engaged in self-injury or self-harm, then you may have never considered the anxieties related to something as seemingly simple as a routine doctor visit. In this episode, Brittany Tinsley explains what questions she asks herself prior to attending routine doctor visits in order to ease her anxiety about medical providers seeing her self-injury wounds and scars.  We take a unique peek into what doctor visits can be like for those who self-injure or have self-injured, as well as discuss tips on navigating those visits, whether as a treatment provider or someone with lived experience. 

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