The Psychology of Self-Injury: Exploring Self-Harm & Mental Health

Eating Disorders & Self-Harm, with Dr. Katie Gordon

Episode Summary

Kathryn Gordon, PhD, from Fargo, North Dakota discusses the relationship between disordered eating and self-harm, how often they co-occur, why they co-occur, and physical pain sensitivity amidst eating disorder behavior and self-injury.

Episode Notes

The term "self-harm" is an umbrella term, encompassing a broad range of behaviors, under which is included substance abuse and misuse, suicide, nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), and even eating disorders. In this episode, Dr. Katie Gordon, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Fargo, North Dakota, discusses the prevalence of self-injury among individuals with eating disorders and the prevalence of eating disorders among those who self-injure. She explains the relationship between the two behaviors, including common risk factors. 

Learn more about Dr. Gordon and her work on her website at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DrKathrynGordon. You can purchase her book The Suicidal Thoughts Workbook: CBT Skills to Reduce Emotional Pain, Increase Hope, and Prevent Suicide on Amazon here

Below are links to some of Dr. Gordon's research as well as resources referenced in this episode:

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