The Psychology of Self-Injury: Exploring Self-Harm & Mental Health

A Dad & Daughter Discuss Her Lived Experience of Self-Harm

Episode Summary

Together, a dad and his young adult daughter share their story of her self-injury and self-harm.

Episode Notes

What is a parent's role in helping their child recover from self-injury? What might a dad say about supporting his child when he learns his child is engaging in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI)?  In this episode, a father and daughter sit down to discuss her lived experience of self-injury and self-harm and how parents, especially dads, can support their child. This is a shared story.

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The Psychology of Self-Injury podcast has been rated #5 by Feedspot in their "20 Best Clinical Psychology Podcasts" and also featured in Audible's "Best Mental Health Podcasts to Defy Stigma and Begin to Heal."